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SOIL in Texas

Soil in Texas can vary from region to region or change by moving just a few hundred feet, some areas consisting of very productive soil while others areas are mostly clay or sandy that are tougher to grow in. Though Texas soils present unique gardening challenges, DrewGreen Landscapes can help amend and add organic matter to your landscape garden beds.

  • Sandy Loam

    • The best landscape garden soil, sandy loam, contains the perfect mixture of sand, silt, and clay. ​

  • Clay Soil

    • Clay soils are difficult to garden in due to the soil being too hard for roots to penetrate and poor drainage - typically alkaline.

  • Sandy Soil

    • Sandy soils are easy for roots to penetrate but many times dry too fast for most garden plants​ - typically acidic.

  • Top Soil

    • Top soil in Texas is generally used to plant new lawns and fill in low spots or holes in the lawn - enriched top soil used for new lawn install.

  • Potting Soil

    • Potting soil is usually a mix of organic materials that drains well and is suitable for​ growing plants in pots - typically contains no soil.

  • Compost

    • Compost is decomposed organic matter that is great for working into new or existing landscape beds - made ofmanure, leaves, twigs, etc​.

*DrewGreen Landscapes will analyze and recommend what type of soil or amendments will be appropriate for your landscape garden beds.


Loam Soil

clay soil.jpg

Clay Soil


Sandy Soil

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