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MULCH in Texas

Mulch is essential to the short- and long-term health of your plants. Landscape garden beds should be mulched one or two times per year for the most effectiveness. Harsh Texas weather (summer and winter) can be stressful on plants, but with mulch your plants can benefit and recover more quickly than non-mulched plants. Select one mulch option for your landscape garden beds.

  • Nourishes Soil

          As mulch decomposes it adds natural organic matter to your soil along                 with essential plant nutrients such as nitrogen.

  • Suppresses Weeds

          Weed seeds rely on sunlight to germinate and sprout. A thick layer of                   high-quality native mulch can hep prevent weeds in your garden.

  • Conserves Water

          Mulch reduces evaporation and conserves soil moisture, especially on                   sunny and windy days.

  • Regulates Temperature

          Plant root systems are insulated with the help of mulch, preventing                       extreme temperature variations from permanently harming the plant.

  • Prevents Erosion

          Erosion of soil and plants can help be prevented with mulch as the first               line of defense.


*DrewGreen Landscapes recommends native hardwood mulch that helps add natural organic matter to your soil and is medium to dark brown in color.


Alternate Options: Cedar Mulch, Pine Bark Mulch, Red Mulch (options may be more expensive).


Native Hardwood Mulch


Brown Mulch


Black Mulch

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