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Low Maintenance Rock Garden Landscapes

While having lush, green grass or large garden beds filled with plants makes for a show. it also requires frequent maintenance and new materials such as mulch or fertilizer. For those hoping to spend less time maintaining and more time enjoying the landscape, a rock garden may be the perfect choice.

Landscape rock gardens that are properly installed will significantly reduce the need for maintenance. This also means cutting back on the use of chemical herbicides and fertilizer (as long as a weed barrier is installed underneath). Unlike mulch, rock will stay in place and look fresh for a much longer period of time, needing just an occasional landscape material refresh.

Not only will rock garden landscaping reduce the amount of maintenance required, but also improve the aesthetic of the landscape in general. Certain plants can also be utilized in rock gardens to help fill the space so it does not seem empty. Another option to tie it all together would be boulders placed throughout the new landscape helping to create a natural look.

The reduction in maintenance will usually outweigh the initial cost of a rock garden landscape over a period of time, allowing a low-stress landscape. Contact DrewGreen Landscapes for a consultation to find out if a rock garden is right for you.

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