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Plant early, Save money!

The sun is shining and the temperatures are perfect for working out in your landscape. You probably have the sudden urge to start gardening and beautify your property. Maybe you want a new landscape design or just a few flowers here and there. Either way, make sure you plan accordingly and plant early.

Though spring is warm, summers will typically be hot and humid. Gardening in hot weather not only takes a toll on us people, but also plants. For the best success with your plants, plant in early to mid-spring or all through fall and into early winter. If you are from many other parts of the country this may sound bizarre, but Texas summers can be brutal and take a toll on our landscape plants. Planting in these cool-warm periods will allow your garden plants to establish roots that are deep and strong by the time hot summer weather arrives.

Also remember, watering your plants deeply is better than watering frequently. Your plants will be healthier and perform better if you water deep once a week versus watering three times a week but light. Deep waterings encourage plant roots to search deeper into the soil for water, allowing them to handle droughts more efficiently. Allowing sufficient time between waterings allows plants to absorb oxygen, not be starved of it. Believe it or not, most people overwater plants not underwater.

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