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Spring is close. Is your landscape plan ready?

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

With Spring coming soon (March 20th), it is time to start making a maintenance plan for your landscape in Houston, Texas. This landscape maintenance plan should include when to trim shrubs, fertilize plants, apply pre-emergent, among other things. It is important to time your landscape maintenance at the right time so it performs its best year-round.

Early and mid-spring is also a great time to continue landscaping and planting in Houston, Texas. Plants will establish strong roots while the weather is still milder, compared to the heat of the summer. Perennial and annual flowers will thrive and provide blooms all summer when planted in the spring.

So is your landscape plan ready for spring through fall of 2022? DrewGreen Landscapes can help with all of your landscaping needs. From maintenance such as shrub trimming, or installing a new landscape design.

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