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Summer Flowering Plants for the Landscape Garden

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Just past the middle of June is the start of the summer season. In Houston, Texas that can mean sweltering heat and especially humid. Though sitting in the air conditioner might be more appealing, there are a few things you can plant to liven up your home landscape. A mix of annual or perennial flowers are sure to catch the attention of your neighbors, while impressing them. Planting can be a fun activity to get the whole family involved in, making memories that last. What flowers will do the best with the Texas heat though?

A particularly beautiful flower that is a perennial but acts as an annual in many parts of the US is the Angelonia flower. These flowers prefer full to nearly full sun and considerably more heat tolerant than most other annual flowers. While some annuals will start to burn up in the heat, Angelonia flowers will keep a color show for the most part. The height of the Angelonia flower is around 12-18 inches tall with a spread of around 12 inches acting like a small bush. For a heatproof summer flower the Angelonia would be one that is recommended.

If planting towards late spring and early summer a more sure way to have success along with Angelonia flowers is to plant Texas Lantana. This small to medium shrub with fiery red, orange, and yellow will bloom all summer and fall in southern parts of the state. Texas Lantana has a spread and height of about 2 to 6 feet. Another great thing about Texas Lantana is that it can tolerate and adapt to a variety of soil conditions as long as it has mostly full to partial sun. With its heat tolerance as an extra benefit this shrub will be an excellent addition to your landscape beds in Texas.

Texas Sage is one of the best native plants in Texas (well, in my opinion). Its beautiful and abundant purple blooms in the summer will catch your attention. Having the qualities of heat and drought tolerance makes this Sage a Texas SuperStar Plant, which recognizes native plants that are great for landscapes and environmental-friendly. If choosing to place Texas Sage in a landscape then remember to choose a spot with full-sun, and water as needed. The shrub will reach a height of around 8 feet.

Although these are only three flowering perennials out of many, they will rarely disappoint during the growing seasons. Next time you are visiting your local garden center or plant nursery ask about Angelonias, Texas Lantana, and Texas Sage to find out more information. You can contact DrewGreen Lawn & Landscape at (281) 912-3155 or

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